Learn more about us & Virtual Reality

Bricks & Goggles transforms construction designs to three-dimensional Virtual Reality environments before the project has been constructed. Because of this, the designs can be improved on details, uncertainty of clients and designers will be reduced, and the general satisfaction will greatly increase.

From 3D model to virtual reality


Whether you use RHINO, SketchUp, ArchiCad or Revit we can turn your model in to a Virtual Reality experience. Next to that we can implement interactive features like changing textures, objects or structural parts so your client can make decisions based on what he sees.

Why work with us?

We have a background in developing successful smartphone apps for businesses. We are pioneers in developing functional applications for Virtual Reality. So if you want to explore VR, come on board and enjoy the ride.

Free roam

Our self developed navigation gives you the full freedom to explore your future house, project or ship on Oculus or Cardboard.

Moving Elements

Riding cars, doors that open, animated characters: we can implement them in to your model to make it more realistic.

Real life components

Are you an interior designer and you want to showcase your custom made furniture? No problem, we’ll optimise them for VR.

Nothing is impossible

Is it a bird? is it a plane? No it's a zombie invasion! Anything is possible in VR: you name it, we can make it.