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Hangar of the Future

Delivered in July 2016 for KLM

Together with KLM we visualized the Hangar of the Future in Virtual Reality. In this Hangar the new Boeing 787 will be maintained and serviced. Along with the structural changes of the existing Hangar 12 new methods of working were introduced.

For the visualization of the new Hangar and the customer journey of the new work methods we used 8K 360 degrees renders made in Sketchup, 3DSMax and VRay in combination with Unity. Next to that we implemented video material to give extra information about the Hangar of the Future.

draadmodel draadmodel2

For the hardware we used the new Oculus Rift CV1 together with our powerful RIG with a GTX 980 Ti GPU.

With this Virtual Reality experience the project team of the Hangar of the Future was able to introduce the engineer teams how working in the new Hangar is going to be. This experience caused the necessary discussion which helped the project team to validate their ideas reaching all the way up to the Managing Board of KLM.

Beside the Oculus Rift experience we made a Youtube 360 movie which can be viewed with or without Cardboard. The movie can be viewed here.